Africa & More Kenya’s journey | CEO Ilan Shvartzman’s Personal Reflection

Aerial view of bustling port in Egypt, a strategic trade hub in North Africa, connecting global markets

I’m staying in Kenya over the past five months. As part of the Africa and More family, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to establish our new subsidiary, “Africa and More Kenya”, specializing in freight forwarding services. It has been an amazing adventure

I want to express my deepest appreciation to my family which supports me endlessly and flows with my crazy ideas.

My team in Israel which allows me to focus on our daily challenges.

The fantastic people of Kenya. Their warmth and enthusiasm have been truly inspiring. The Kenyan spirit of resilience and determination has driven us to provide top-notch freight forwarding solutions.

Establishing “Africa & More Kenya” has been a fulfilling journey.

With a dedicated team of professionals, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a solid network of logistics services across the country and the region.

Our goal remains unchanged: to deliver seamless, reliable, and efficient freight forwarding solutions that connect businesses and facilitate trade in the east Africa region.

Building strong relationships with local businesses and industries has been at the core of our mission. By understanding their unique needs, we’ve tailored our services to effectively handle customs clearance, optimize supply chains, and ensure timely deliveries. Africa and More Kenya is committed to being the go-to partner for freight forwarding solutions.

Beyond work, I’ve explored the thriving logistics landscape of Kenya

Witnessing the efficient movement of goods across the country. It has deepened my appreciation for the importance of freight forwarding in driving global trade.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of Africa & More Kenya’s journey. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction drives us to go above and beyond for our clients.

Freight forwarding services in Kenya

Whether you’re a local business seeking reliable freight forwarding services or an international partner looking for seamless logistics solutions in Kenya, Africa and More Kenya is here to serve you. Let’s embark on this new chapter together and redefine the standards of freight forwarding in Kenya.